COMMUNITY HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT INITIATIVE (CHCMI) INTRODUCTION: Community Health Care Management Initiative (CHCMI) was introduced with a view to mobilize community involvement in getting health care services. In a nut shell, CHCMI seeks to converge community action at the grass root level to the cause of promoting good health and preventing sickness in the community.

BACK GROUND: The major health care terminals of State Government in rural areas are Sub Centers and Anganwadi Centers by which preventive and some curative services are being endowed in the rural areas, however, it has been experiencing over the years that it is very difficult to the reach the desired level of achievement by the above institutions due to population and hindrances of local practice. It is agreed by all that the female literacy, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, drainage etc are linked with public health and unless the local bodies like Panchayats are involved, it is very difficult to achieve success on public health indicators. So it is more logical to create an approach so that convergence can be had with Health, ICDS and Panchayats, CHCMI is thus such an initiative of convergence among line departments with Panchyats  for better delivery of health services at the grass root level with effective community involvement. Besides some curative services such as Homoeopathic/Ayurvedic/Allopathic dispensaries are also being set up at the Gram Panchayats under this programme.